To be alive


One day
I’ll be alive
Strong and kind
With all my toes
And quite the mind
I wish to dance
Slip and fall 
For what I’ll learn
Will make me strong
For dad will laugh
And teach me love
And show me love
And nod his head when times get tough
My dad will hug me tight
Hold me close
To show me life
he’d  never known
I wish to be alive
To meet my friends and family ties
I’ll cry and whine
Then learn to try
For my mind is strong
I wish to be alive
To be involved
And hold my ground
When all goes wrong
Dad will hold me down
Teach me not to fuss and frown
For all we do is live and learn
To make it through to win the game
In a world of sin and pain
I can’t wait to be alive
To see my dad
Start to cry
Knowing that I’m here to stay
For when his hope was slim and grey
I’ll hold his finger tight
Just to show that I belong

I can’t wait
To be alive!



Tik toc
I sit alone and breathe so slow
For when you come
It’s hell I know
Tik toc
You pull me in
Then let me go
Hard and fast
The floor I go
Tik toc
I bruise and swell
For when I cry
You punch me down
And tell me lies
Tik toc
It’s me your friend
Let me in
You’re safe in here
Just Come on in
Tik toc
He loves me now
He wants to change
For when it’s good
I feel no pain
Tik toc
I’m young
Soft and kind
But yet I lay here stiff and dry
For this grave
Says ….

I died?



Weak to speak
For all I have is just two feet
I’m just a man
A single man
Who wants to make you laugh & dance
But here I am
It’s hard to stand
While sinking deep
Here in the sand
I’m stabbed
Kicked in the hip
For all this shit never quits
So here I am
Alone again
While scars run deep
I dare not weep
For what I learned
I’ll surely keep
For this man can take,

another beat


Bright as light

I share this poem
To hold a spot
So Deep in mind
And close to heart
While time Flys by
And roads go far
I stand alone and think to hard
For all my friends have come so far
I hope for love
And hope for time
Where life is sweet
And on my side
While I sit
And share this night
A simple man
With just a light
Could  light your day
And make it right
Smile here
Smile there
All is clear for you to stare
Deep inside my frowning glare



I’m your clown
I play the roll
For what you say
Will surely go
I stay in line
And play your game
For I’m your joke
Of many names
I stare in shame
Of what’s to gain
A simple toy
Who needs to change
But still I hop
And dance the same
I’m your clown
Dragged on the grown
A silly joke that makes me frown
For you play my strings
And make me laugh
While I’m dragged
Straight threw the grass



I’m lost
Afraid to know
For I’m many men
Lost in a soul
Where did I go
Why can’t I find
Who I once was
Please give me time
I’m happy
But yet I fight
Fight to make things right
A simple guy
With lots of shine
But yet I mask
This stranger of mine
Who hides beneath
Under my bones
Of many men who want to know
Who is he
Who am I
For we live alone
To decide who you like
Am I mean
Am I rude
Or is this part of someone new
I change and please
To fit your needs
But lost the fight
To who you see


Rivers clock

I lay in a river so deep and dark
With sticks and stones
That brush my heart
For one day will come
I stare at the sun
And stand up tall
So tall Ill stubble and fall
For the day is mine
To concur it all
But here I stay
Alone at bay
For when my time comes
I dare not say
For when it dose
I’ll be happy and free
Free to be the being in me
A patient soul
Time will see
For my paths not set for me
So the river I stay
So deep and dark
For these sticks
May Brush my heart
To make me smart
And secure of the dark
While watching what I want
I stay
Stay to lay
For the day will come
I dare not say
But I surely am

Here to wait



Wake me ?

I fall deep into a hole
Alone and scared
Of what will go
A smile?a laugh?
A breath so strong, as if my last
I sting
I break
I dare not shake
For who I am will start to cave
Cave so deep i might just stay
Counting days
Popping pills
For all I need is horns and bells
A sun so bright
With birds flying high
A Lil dream is where I lye
Come scream and shout
For when I wake
Life is great
But no one comes
I’m deep in sleep
I fear this may be the life for me
But still I wait …..
Maybe if I count to 3
You’ll wake me up
Can you please



I wish to step along the road

To touch and feel the air and snow

Sing and dance to what I hear

A simple life with nothing to fear

I wish to run and laugh

Share my thoughts laying in the grass

to feel the beach between my toes

While I walk along the shore

I wish to be happy and free

along the sun and breeze

I wish

I wish upon this stare

To make me see

to walk for me

for I’m the shadow under your feet